The Center for Global Development has released a new study on women’s savings in partnership with ExxonMobil. Learn how savings help women plan and save for a prosperous future.

Women Are Savers

When offered a saving account, 63% of women accept versus 26% of men.

Savings Are Powerful

Access to savings accounts is proven to help women save privately and securely, increasing their decision-making power and economic independence.

Mobile Savings Could Be a Game Changer

When women have access to mobile savings, they increase borrowing, strengthen business practices and save more money.

Especially With Business Training

Women who receive savings tools and business management training save significantly more, and increase good business practices like record keeping and financial planning.

Savings Help Women Feel Empowered

Women who have access to savings tools report feeling happier and more satisfied with their lives.

And Spur Business Growth

Women who have access to mobile savings platforms and business training adopt better business practices. Some open a second business and are able to increase their overall monthly profits.

Mindful Savings: Exploring the Power of Savings for Women

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Unequal Ventures: Baseline Study of Gender and Entrepreneurship in East Java, Indonesia

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